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All photos by Joan Beard

For Immediate Release:

Bhakti Treasure by Ned & Lynn

New Heart-Centered Sanskrit Chanting Album.

Debut album available on iTunes, CD Baby, and directly from Publisher. For more info go to

Ned & Lynn have been building chanting community for years hosting spiritual gatherings at their Soho Loft in New York City. Lynn’s vegan chai and the special atmosphere of their home provides an intimacy sometimes missing in formal temples or yoga studios. Ned & Lynn have built a fanbase at Integral Yoga New York, Kripalu, and Woodstock’s Yoga Monkey where chanting has been thriving for over 30 years. They also appear as chanters in the feature film, “Eat Pray Love” starring Julia Roberts.

“For us it’s about connecting to the heart – expressing love for self, for each other, for our beloved chanting friends, for the deities and for all beings.”

“We like to say chanting is for everyone – whether you’ve grown up in a temple ashram reciting mantras from conception or are brand new to the kirtan experience, all you need is “beginners mind” and an open heart – a willingness to bring your energy and spirit forward without worrying if your voice is ‘good enough’. We invite you to sing out – bolo bolo!! Come and celebrate – let your spirit rise and your heart open.”

Those who attend their live chanting find they are welcomed in and embraced by the accessibility of Ned & Lynn’s demeanor. “Spirituality is full of mystery. In chanting we can either retreat from the world, or sink deeper into the richness of our lives.” The beauty of Sanskrit mantra chanting is that once you become familiar with a few phrases, you can use it to find moments of high ecstasy or depths of profound inner connection. When chanting with Ned & Lynn you never feel left behind, left out or wondering what’s going on. “The music underlying the chant can be rich and complex which echoes the way our minds work, but the mantras and the simple call and response form create an immediacy that bring us deeply into the now. “