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Our music is sacred chanting (primarily in the Hindu tradition) which features Sanskrit mantras set to luscious melodies and harmonies. We have fallen in love with the form of Kirtan, an ancient tradition in which the leader calls out a melody and the listeners respond singing the same melody and words. This is a form of yoga, the yoga of devotion called Bhakti yoga. The sound vibrations in the bodies of the singers combined with the vibrations of the Sanskrit language and the intention held in the meanings of the words themselves often create the inner feeling of deep devotion in each participant.  Parallels to this tradition can be found worldwide, expressing many belief systems, for example, in American Gospel, Native American, Hebrew, Tibetan, African and Brazilian music.

The words to the mantras are most often prayers as well as praise sung to the familiar Gods and Goddesses in the Hindu tradition, for example, Ganesha, Amba, Krishna, Radha, Shiva, Hanuman, Ram and Shiva. This is more fully explained in our CD booklet.

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